“In twenty years you will be more disappointed with the things you didn’t do than for what you did. Then cast off the moorings. Get away from the safe harbour. Explore. Dream. Discover”

(Mark Twain)

Possible realizations of nautical furniture

Our company is able to produce special custom-built sandwich panels which meet all the requirements both for size and composition, thickness and finishing. Our products therefore respond perfectly to the particular needs of the nautical world.

In order to satisfy  the most varied demands of designers we have created, tested and patented new products that, in addition to the required lightness characteristics, have high dimensional stability, physical/mechanical performance, aesthetics and functionality.

The wood materials used, to guarantee product quality, are certified FSC, PEFC, RINA, CE.

The glue in use in the assembly process of the panels and products is of our own invention, patented,  solvent-free, without Voc emissions, CE-certified and with guaranteed bonding.

The foams of our sandwich panels are Freon-free.

Our patented products are further tested and certified at IMQ laboratories for a higher quality assurance. They also comply with current European and International regulations.              

We make upholsteries and cushions with last-generation fabrics and leathers, that are water-repellent, flame-retardant, stain resistant, certified for nautical.

The production process takes place inside the company starting from the initial stage of design, then passing to the cutting and sewing of the finished product, using workers of great craftsmanship and experience that are therefore able to satisfy any requirement of the buyer.

Much attention is paid to the care of details, from seams to the quality of padding.

We have a wide choice of contemporary lighting solutions, suitable to be used both in interior and exterior areas to decorate small and large spaces. Made in Italy quality products. 


Constructions and refitting

Our company, in collaboration with Venetian shipyard, is able to structurally construct or modify any type of pleasure or work boat, using metal alloys or resins, combining to design, expertise, technology and new patented materials, unique in their kind .

Thanks to our upholstery department we can replace or enhance interior and exterior comfort, meeting any aesthetic and functional need.

With our highly qualified and well-equipped carpentry department, we can restore and enhance the retention of old boats, giving them a more modern style but still preserving their charm.

You will also be able to add new technologies and professional led lighting that will complete our/your work.

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