Thermal Windows Sill Cover

The first insulated thermal sill cover made of marble, granite or other low-thickness natural stones

What is it

The patented THERMIKSTONE thermal sill cover is the result of the coupling between stone products (marble, granite) or other natural stones (travertine) and thermal insulators of various nature and kind, both natural and synthetic, with high insulating performance.

How it is done

The sill cover is composed as follows:

  • Thin slab of marble, granite or other natural stones 8 mm thick (or greater thickness depending on the project)
  • Insulating layer of various thickness and nature, according to the needs of the designer, such as basalt fiber, glass wool, rock wool, cork, PET, XPS


  • High insulation performance (elimination of thermal bridge)
  • Wide choice of colours (various stone materials)
  • Various surface finishes (glossy, polished, bush hammered, flamed, acid washed etc.)
  • Various types of frontal finishes (straight rib glued at 45 or 90 odd, rounded, bull-shaped, owl beak)
  • Possibility of repair in case of breakage being natural product
  • Excellent solution in case of conservative restorations (you can cover the existing article with the same type of material)
  • Choice of thermal insulation (rock wool, glass wool, basalt fibre, cork, etc.)
  • Lightness
  • Speed of installation

Other Details

  • Dimensions on request
  • Glue used for patented assembly

Additional Information

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