The knowledge of the past determines the future ( Paolo Ugolini)

Who we are

RAMEC® is an Italian company formed by the coalition between two different companies that have decade-long of work experience: the one that operates in the stone field (marble, granite, onyx, quartzite, agglomerates) for more than 60 years with the selection of blocks in the quarries and the cutting of final products on request;   

the other that, for more than 30 years, works in interior design, as well as research and development in its own testing laboratory for the realization of new environmentally friendly natural materials used than in buildings and furniture in general, in the boating, civil and residential field.

Our aim is to produce exclusive high-quality materials in order to facilitate the job of creative designers and realizer companies and to plan new living projects to be proposed to an increasingly demanding customers. 

The RAMEC® founders are aware that design is not just a matter of style or mere taste: it is a subtle alchemy that is obtained from the skilful blending of several factors, the ability to combine the needs of the market along with the creative impulses, in a balance between form and function, aesthetics and use.

RAMEC® pays attention to the environment. We think it is our deep responsibility to produce and work with due respect of our Blue Planet. 

And that is the reason why we have developed, over the years, sustainable products in the name of environmental compatibility, patenting and certifying them. We also operate strict controls on raw materials, so that the concept of certification is extended to the entire production chain, from the origin of the material up to the final product.

Our wood materials are certified FSC, PEFC, RINA, CE. The glue used in the assembly process of the materials is of  our own invention, solvent-free, with no VOC emissions, patented and CE certified. Our patented products are further tested and certified by the IMQ Group laboratories in order to give a greater quality guarantee.

We also have a wide choice of leather, imitation leathers and certified fabrics for boating, both for external and interior applications, darkling and filtering curtains of new generation either for colors or for winding and unwinding mechanized systems. The upholstery department is able to meet every need, ranging from the production of cushions, sofas, armchairs, curtains, awnings and more, to various objects and furnishings.

We have a rich and wide choice of high quality type of woods from all over the world and come from FSC cultures. The woodwork, technologically equipped with numerical control machineries, allows to achieve perfection thanks mainly to the highly qualified staff preparation, which knows how to make the furnishings like authentic works of art. Art that distinguishes us in the world for taste, refinement and elegance : the Made in Italy style.

RAMEC®, where the human factor has a great important. We believe that the prosperity of a company goes through the human and professional valorization of its staff, where the initiative, dedication, passion and commitment are always rewarded. 

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